What is Tots Tennis Club?

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What is Tots Tennis Club?

Tots Tennis Club is a fun, play-based introduction to tennis for pre-school ages.  The focus is on developing agility, balance and coordination through a variety of games. We encourage children to understand their bodies through movement, develop ball and racket skills, and move on to mastering forehands, backhands and more. We aim to develop a love for sport in children at an early age, as well as helping them to socialise and play constructively with others.

Tots Tennis Club is run by Lawn Tennis Association accredited tennis coaches and we follow the LTA’s  tots tennis teaching structure.  All coaches are DBS checked and have valid First Aid certificates.

Classes run in half-termly blocks of around 6 classes, and cost £8 per session for 2 year olds (30 minute sessions) and £10 per session for 3 and 4 year olds (45 minute sessions). If you’re looking to book on to a course after the date of the first session, please email matt@coachcowie.com.

Sam has really enjoyed his tennis lessons. They are great fun, active, and well organised. I can’t believe he can hit a forehand and he is just 2!! – Caroline, mum of Sam, aged 2


Little tennis players need smaller, lighter equipment than the pros.  So we use:

  • 17″ tennis rackets (4 year olds may move up to a 19″ racket)
  • Large foam tennis balls that bounce lower and slower
  • Mini tennis nets – lower nets that are easier to get the ball over

Remember, all equipment is provided at Tots Tennis Club!


Do I need to bring anything?
All equipment, including rackets, is provided. You might want to bring a bottle of water along though – tennis can be thirsty work!

Are parents expected to be involved in the session?
For the 2 year old sessions, parents are encouraged to help their little one if required – although more independent children might not need any help.
For the 3-4 year sessions, we find that children of this age can usually work independently so parents can sit and watch at the side.

What is the ratio of children to coaches?
To ensure the best experience, we guarantee a ratio of
4:1 – no more than 4 children per coach for Ages 2+ classes
5:1 – no more than 5 children per coach for Ages 3-4 classes