FREE Tennis activities for ages 2 to 5

Tots Tennis @Home is a great way to continue playing tennis and staying active, while developing key motor skills, agility, balance and coordination.  By following the fun Tots Tennis @Home activities below, your child can continue their physical development at home.

What you need

Whilst you can do many of the activities with just a ball or racket and ball, to get the most out of these activities, we highly recommend purchasing the Tots Tennis @Home Equipment Pack containing:

  • A racket (optional – I know some will already own a racket)
  • A bounce-back hitting teeFind out more
  • 5 sponge balls
  • 1 spot floor marker
  • 24 reward stickers


1. Instructions and Warm Up

  1. Play one of the Warm Up Videos below
  2. Choose a Ball activity
  3. Choose a Racket & Ball activity
  4. Choose a Hitting Tee activity
  5. Follow the instructions in each short activity video to help your child through each task.

The 3 types of Tots Tennis @Home activities are:

  1. Ball activities – all you need is a ball and a little bit of space
  2. Racket and Ball – basic racket skills and games
  3. Hitting Tee – activities using the fantastic hitting tees we use in our Tots Tennis classes 

2. Ball

3. Racket & Ball

4. Hitting Tee

NOTE: these activities require the fantastic hitting tee we use in our Tots Tennis classes – Order yours now